Rachel in Love by Pat Murphy Review


I received Rachel in Love in exchange for an honest review. Well, normally its already hard for me to write a review about a book, because I am utterly scared to give away spoilers, but now it’s even harder! Because this is a story about 31 pages long. There is not even a blurb on Goodreads!! But I can say I really enjoyed the book. It has a perspective I never even thought of, and to me it’s like a coming of age book. About getting to know yourself, growing up.

“Sometimes when she looks at her gnarled brown fingers, they seem alien, wrong, out of place. She remembers having small, pale, delicate hands with painted fingernails. Memories lie upon memories, layers upon layers, like the sedimentary rocks of the desert buttes.”

**** I gave it a 4 star rating, only because it was a teeny tiny morsel, but I would really recommend this read!

happy reading deb s 2


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