Embers by Amy Keen Review


Embers by Amy Keen | Published September 27th 2012 by Fisher King Publishing

Blurb from Goodreads

Scarlett Roth loves nothing more than to immerse herself in a good book. So, the tale of a modern-day witch hunt and a sinister adversary threatening to irrevocably alter a young girl’s life forever should be the perfect story in which to lose herself. Unfortunately for her; she’s the girl, the threat is real and she will unearth one of the modern world’s greatest secrets – the witch trials are not over, they have evolved.

Scarlett’s life is thrown upside down when she starts having terrifying visions. Her only comfort in a strange new town comes in the form of enticing and popular Jake; but the more she learns about her ‘power’, the more she realises her interest in him is drawing unwanted attention of the darkest kind.

You did not see it, but I was sitting here a while, contemplating what rating to give this book. This is very hard. On the one hand you have a sublime story, it has POTENTIAL! It’s kind of original, I like it. It’s about a girl who moves with her mother to a little town and not just any little town, it’s SALEM! She meets the guy of her dreams (ok, not really, but the guy is really hot and dreamy, makes me want to move to a little town as well) And then she’s starting to get premonitions. And then she finds out there are still witch-hunters! (aww come on, it’s Salem, you know it was gonna be about witches! But then again it’s not). But it’s not just that, it’s a whole finding out and digging into history and such. And the girl loves to read! Perfect right? I already like this girl!!! NOT!!! Why do you ask? Because the girl is a MORON! Even if it was a story smack dab in Miami beach, you would roll your eyes and know people would hunt her. She KNOWWWWWWSSSS people are going to try to label her as crazy and of she goes, acting like an idiot! If I had her as my daughter I would slap some sense into her and bring her to the loony bin myself sjeeezzzzz! Normally it’s hard for me to review a book, because I don’t know what to say that doesn’t give away any spoilers, but now it’s hard for me because I can’t believe I wasted time on this book. My copy is littered with little notes like “seriously?”, “you’ve got to be kidding me” and “because you are a moron, stupid!”.

I have one thing to say to the writer, one word actually: EDITOR!
The book was riddled with mistakes, it felt like there were passages missing and one moment she was saying something and contradicting it the next. If Scarlett was the one to save the world, I would start digging my own grave.
But the story does have it’s potential. Make the girl a little less clueless, give her some backbone and let her use the brain you obviously wanted her to have (hello! she reads!), lose some of the drama, let the story flow like it could at times and you’ve got yourself a bestseller if you ask me.

As for my rating? Don’t waste your time. Maybe if she got a good editor. Hell give it to some of the bookfreaks on Goodreads. The story needs editing and rewriting. So yeah, I am not reading the second book in this series. I might forget I am reading on a kindle and throw it against the wall

happy reading deb s 2


2 thoughts on “Embers by Amy Keen Review

  1. Wow, luckily I read Embers before I tripped over your review, the book is great!!! Scarlet is a teenager from a broken home and in a new town with weird stuff going on…how do you expect her to be? Sorry but its probably best for us all if you do throw your Kindle at the wall.

    I have Ashes, the next book in the series, the storyline moves to Paris, it gets much darker and Scarlett discovers powers she did not not know she had and boy does she need them.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the book and I am sorry that you feel like I stepped on your toes. That was not my intention. But I do hope you enjoy Ashes and I would love to hear your opinion on it or read your review.

      Happy reading,
      Deb S.

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