Review: Florid Eyes by Nicky English

17910360Florid Eyes: A Novel by Nicky English | Published May 8th 2013 by Nicky English

Blurb from Goodreads:

“Get ready to be sucked into this suspenseful treasure hunt with a drop of love.”

No one has ever questioned Violet Lancaster’s ability to change the world. As a brainy and self-righteous PhD student at the prestigious Georgetown University, Violet is determined to make a name for herself in Washington, D.C., by working hard to pay her dues, but her moral system is turned upside down when she runs into a man in distress on a lonesome night. 

Josh Levinson was born into an elite Philadelphia family in the year 1776, when the thirteen colonies declared independence from Britain. Together they break every human and supernatural law to hunt down a mystical Native American bow and arrow in hopes to liberate an entire species and to keep it from the evil tyrants from the Far East.

Florid Eyes takes you on an intricate adventure intertwined with an epic romance.

I received this book from miss English herself, again thank you! She told me that she wanted to write a different kind of vampire story. I can say she did just that. It was a very fun read and the heroine was very realistic. Thank God she wasn’t some supermodel wonderwoman, but a hardworking PHD student who bit off just a little more then she could chew. But there was also a lot of help from Josh, a vampire who did not want to be a vampire. What a twist right?
You get to travel to a lot of places in this book and even meet the parents (which is nothing like the movie, I promise). I also absolutely *loved* that the book was almost flawless. Yes. Almost. One thing that was bothering me is that sometimes there seemed like there was something missing. Just a paragraph or so. But still. I went back and read carefully, but nope. But I did read that miss English, in her quest of delivering a good book, edited a lot. So maybe she overedited. I know from experience that if you edit something for a long time you don’t see things anymore. But I think she will correct this. I think she’s kind of a a perfectionist, and that’s not a bad thing in my book.
Other than that, the story was very good, but I could also see it work without the whole vampire thing. Do I hear superspy? Maybe a idea for your next book, huh miss English? *wink wink*

Also read her prequel she is offering for free.

*** Nice read, keeps you busy and be sure that you can’t really slack when reading

happy reading deb s 2


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