Review: The Quiver of a Kiss: The Seduction of Helen of Troy by Sarah Daltry


Title: The Quiver of a Kiss: The Seduction of Helen of Troy 
Author: Sarah Daltry
Published: April 03, 2013

Blurb via goodreads

A retelling of the passions of Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. Denied love by her father, brothers, and the gods, Helen found that she could not resist her desire any longer when she met a young man from a city across the sea.

Helen of Troy is renowned in history as the face that launched a thousand ships, but who was she really? Did she truly choose to bring a city to its knees out of selfish lust? Was it more complicated than that?

Helen is the bargaining tool of her brothers and her father. She learns of lust but is denied love until she is drawn to one of her suitors, a man named Odysseus. When her father decides, however, that she will marry Menelaus, Helen becomes a pawn for both her new husband and the gods. She manages to survive, however, until a young man from Troy, a city across the sea, ignites in her a passion that will be the destruction of empires.

* This is an erotic historical romance that is intended for adult readers.


I have to admit this was the first historical romance I have ever read in my life. I have always had something for the greek/mythical type of movies/tv shows and now I think I love the books too. This novella was well written and I had moments where I never even wanted to put the book down. The steamy love scenes added to this book as well. What I really loved about the book was the use of the language, it wasn’t too classical or old, but still written with the right sense of the time of when the book was taking place (Am I making any sense?)

Helen was definitely a woman with a mind of her own and would not bow down to all the male dominance of her time. Everything was done on her terms. I loved her character very much and even hated how cruel the men were in that time. I imagined myself living back then and knew that it was not something I would be cut out for. If you are looking for a happy ending that is something that this book does not have, but if you have heard the story of Helen of Troy you already know that.

Rating: 5 star



happy reading deb t 3



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