Review: 25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullius

25 perfect days

Title: 25 Perfect Days
Author: Mark Tullius
Published: March 15 (Paperback only | Full edition Kindle will be released September, along with bonus stories)

Blurb from Goodreads:

A totalitarian state doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a slow, dangerous slide. 25 Perfect Days chronicles the path into a hellish future of food shortages, contaminated water, sweeping incarceration, an ultra-radical religion, and the extreme measures taken to reduce the population.

Higher taxes, strict gun control, an oppressive healthcare system. Complete media control, genetically modified food, experimentation on citizens. The push of depersonalizing technology, unending wars, government sanctioned assassinations. Is this collection of stories merely science fiction or soon to be fact? Are these policies designed for the greater good or disguised to benefit a chosen few at the expense of the masses? Is this brave new world the best we could do or part of a sinister grand plan?

Through these twenty-five interlinked stories, each written from a different character’s point of view, 25 Perfect Days captures the sacrifice, courage, and love needed to survive and eventually overcome this dystopian nightmare.

Mark Tullius did it again. He does not need zombies or vampires to give me nightmares. He uses the real monsters in this world.

I first “met” Mark and his work when I came across a description of his book 25 Perfect Days. Mind you, this was just a teaser back then and it attracted me like a moth to the flame. Seriously. So I waited and then he had a little game and I won his book Brightside. Well let me tell you this, that one was amazing! But that’s for another time. So then I bought Repackaged Presents and oh boy… And he just graciously extended me 25 Perfect Days a few days ago. I could not believe my luck. And you know what? That was not the best thing about all this. Reading 25 Perfect Days was. Oh and he did not ask me for a review, I just HAD to share this book with you all!!

Written as short stories, all chapters of this book interlinked. Be warned, you got to be sharp if you don’t want to “get lost”, but the stories are also read well on their own. The story in whole send a chill down my spine. Where Brightside still showed me the beauty of humanity in adverse situations, in this book Mark Tullius strips it down to the cold nakedness and harsh lights of greed and cruelty and puts it in front of a mirror of self reflection. Cast a look in that mirror my friends and see what the future will bring when we give up our rights, our individuality, our HUMANITY!

Like the blurb says, it’s about people making the wrong decisions, putting their faith in the hands of ruthless people, trying to make the world better. The sad thing is, it’s not really the world they want to make better, but their own world. But when you let things go for too long, you will not be able to solve the issues or take matters into your own hands. But there are equally ruthless people. People who will keep trying, but for the good of the whole. The question is: what side do you belong to?

If you want romance, butterflies and candy fluff, this is not the book for you. It will bring you grittiness and show you the bad, the very bad of human nature. But it will also bring you the strength and power of people fighting for a cause.

I really like the way Mark Tullius writes. I can see he pours a lot of thought into his story, the characters and the decisions overall.

Rating: 4 star

happy reading deb s 2


2 thoughts on “Review: 25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullius

    • Thanks Janiera, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I really like the way he writes. You can say the cogs always mesh together 🙂 Hope to read your review soon!

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