Review: Murder On Olympus by Robert B. Warren


Title: Murder on Olympus (Plato Jones)
Author: Robert B. Warren
Publisher: Dragonfairy Press
Release date: April 11, 2013

Blurb from Goodreads:

At first glance, the Gods of Olympus are as different from one another as salt is from sugar. Despite their bickering, they share a universal bond, a thread of commonality that unites them. 

They’re all jerks. 

After a stint with the Olympic Bureau of Investigation, Plato Jones is through with the Gods and their political games. Against his protests, he’s drawn into a murder investigation, where the murderer’s targets are the Gods themselves.

Plato has cracked some tough cases: exposing cheating spouses, capturing treasonous heretics, hunting three-headed dogs. But this time he’s in over his head. How can he solve a crime that’s impossible to commit? And what chance does Plato—a mere mortal—have against something powerful enough to kill a God?

I received this book as a read for a review for Goodreads. But I liked it so much, it was so different from what I have read the last couple of days/weeks, that I decided we would all benefit of it. Maybe you will like it too? I must admit, I love Greek mythology. I was at a party once, I think I was nine and my mom had to drag me kicking and screaming from a book where I first read about Zeus and Hercules and Achilles, and and and… getting carried away here, so lets start with the book shall we?

The book starts with Plato Jones, PI. Don’t you just love his name? Oh and – little spoiler alert – his brother’s name is Socrates, hilarious right? Anyway I loved it! The time seems to be about now-ish, but the places are different but the same. Like a little parallel universe, can you follow me? Don’t worry about it, it works.
Robert B. Warren did a great job “modernizing” the gods of Olympus. They are out and about, not some forgotten folklore, hiding out on Mount Olympus. They have human friends, jobs and yes, enemies too. Plato is called upon to take the job of somebody killing the gods. They want to keep it hush hush, because who would want people to find out they are not as immortal as they seem? But Plato has something against the gods and has to be forced. But soon he is dodging fists and bullets. Who can he trust?
It was a great read, old and new in a different suit. And it barely has sex scenes. It works for this book. I think it would take away from the story if there was. So if you like reading something different, reading about gods, minotaurs and satyrs, dribbled with some suspense, this is a book you should pick up.

3 star

happy reading deb s 2


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