Blurb Blitz: Corporate Merger by Elisabeth Roseland

Cover_Corporate Merger

Amy Connelly has gotten used to the taste of shoe leather. Every time she opens her mouth to talk to gorgeous co-worker Eric Lewis, she puts her foot right in it.

Tired of the painful sight of her turning into a hopeless motormouth or tongue-tied fool at Eric’s approach, Amy’s friends take steps to remedy the problem. Her thirtieth birthday present is three desensitization dates with Derrick Vaughn, an Ebony Nights escort and an Eric look-a-like.

It’s magic. Communicating with Derrick is easy, especially when it’s their bodies doing the talking. He’s even helped her rediscover the kinky side she’s repressed for so long.

Eric? That’s a different story. She’s failed miserably at two of Derrick’s three assignments for her—asking Eric to lunch and dinner—thanks to a meddling, flirty co-worker who’s suddenly vying for Eric’s attention. If shy, awkward Amy is to have a chance, she’ll have to kick it up a notch…or three.

Warning: This book contains an awkward motormouth heroine, a painfully shy hero, and a sexy male escort who knows how to set them on the course of true love.

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“You are going to laugh, but I like ‘Arena’ from the Original Series.”

Amy stared at him, her bottle poised at her lips. “Not the Gorn episode.”

“Yes. The Gorn episode. Isn’t that terrible?”

“It is terrible. That’s like the cheesiest one.” 

“I know. And the worst thing is, I can’t even tell you why I like that one.” Eric shook his head. “I think it’s the combination of the terrible costumes and the awful fight-scene music. Dun dun da-da-da-da—”

“—da-da-da-da—” Amy laughed as she sang with him. “And Kirk looking like he’s about to rip that giant rubber mask right off the guy. Terrible. Just terrible.” She could feel the relaxing effects of the beer beginning to overtake her, and with it came a touch of boldness. “Hey…” she placed her hand on his knee, “…thanks for saying yes to this. I’ve never…I’ve never really asked a guy out on a date before. So—”

“I’m glad you did.” Eric covered her hand with his own. Underneath her palm, his leg felt solid. She squeezed it firmly. There was very little give. Eric set his bottle down on the bar. “Amy…I…I really…” He began to lean toward her.

Kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss m—

His lips approached hers slowly. She tentatively reached up and touched the side of his face, running her fingers along his jawline.


She closed her eyes and could feel the heat radiating from him. Her body shook in anticipation of the touch of his lips, the taste of his tongue.

Kisskisskisskisskiss. Ye— 

A phone rang.


Roseland AvatarElisabeth Roseland spends her days dreaming up ways to throw sexy heroes and strong heroines together. Her characters explore the wonderful, agonizing, joyful, heartbreaking and complicated human experiences that are sex and love. She also hopes to inspire readers to grab the nearest consenting adult and do something fun. She lives in Chicago with her very own Happily Ever After.

Author’s Links: website | Facebook | Twitter

Elisabeth will be awarding an eBook of the first book in the series to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


2 thoughts on “Blurb Blitz: Corporate Merger by Elisabeth Roseland

  1. Good morning, everyone!

    Thanks so much to Deb Deb Reviews for hosting me today. To celebrate the release of Corporate Merger, I’ll be giving away a free copy of the first book in the series, ADVERTISING FOR LOVE, to a random commenter. So please stop and say hello.

    I’ll be checking in throughout the day to chat. Have a great day!

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