Review: Rewrite Redemption by J.H. Walker

Title: Rewrite Redemption
Author: J.H. Walker
Published: January 25, 2013

Blurb from Goodreads:

She’s sixteen. He’s seventeen. They don’t know each other…at least not yet.

She has a secret and her whole life revolves around keeping it. Every few months and with little warning, she simply disappears, pulled into the past for hours or even days. She’s terrified it will happen in front of someone, changing her life forever. So far, the only witnesses have been her parents, and that didn’t end well. She has no control over it and no idea why it happens to her. 

She wants answers.

He has answers—at least he understands what’s going on. He has a secret, too. He’s part of an organization that goes back in time to rewrite reality. But he also has a problem. He broke the organization’s number-one rule by altering his own timeline. As punishment, he’s been blocked from time travel, which is most unfortunate. Because the changes he made to his timeline, accidentally resulted in disaster for his family. A disaster he’s now prevented from repairing. No one can travel beneath the organization’s radar except a Shadow. But they’re rare, so rare he’s never even met one.

Then he moves to her town.


This was a very well written book. I also would like to add: clean. I really like to find books where not everything is about sex. Not that I mind the sex, but sometimes it’s nice to have a breather from all that.  Just saying, now back to the book.
It’s really hard when you’re in puberty, everything is awkward, everything is changing almost daily. Now add in a dash of crazy and a heaping of supernatural and what you would have is a crawl-under-the-covers-and-never-ever-come-out kind of life. Well that’s what I would do. Or turn supervillian. But A.J. handles this with grace far beyond her years. She manages to have a somewhat normal life, but because she tries so hard not to stick out, she kind of gets the short end of the straw with her peers. Luckily she has 2 good friends who stay with her, because well let’s face it, they have shitty parents. Her mom died and her father is a little nutty, but he’s a better dad than her friends have parents.
And then she meets the boy. He knows about her, because he is like her. But he is “registered” and she is “rogue” or a shadow, as they call people who are not registered. First he just wants her to fix what he can’t fix anymore, but he gets to know her. She, being the social recluse she has banished herself to be, just to be safe, does not know what to do with him or her budding feelings. She’s not even sure what she’s feeling.
To keep a long story short (I’m getting away from myself here) this is a very well written book. I liked all of the characters and there were no plotholes, unless I missed one or two. But all in all, it kept me entertained and on the edge of my chair the whole time. You notice that the author and the editor took care of what was written. Awesome book, read and recommend!

4 star

happy reading deb s 2


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