Review: The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp by Michael Siemsen

Title: The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp
Author: Michael Siemsen
Published: November 12th 2013

Blurb from Goodreads:

In this prequel to the highly acclaimed novel A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon’s story), by Michael Siemsen, the bestselling author turns back the clock – from post-WWI California to late 1950’s New York City.

Samuel Beauchamp has been dead for twenty-seven years, but that hasn’t stopped him from living…

For reasons unbeknownst to him, Samuel’s essence remained after his body was killed, and he discovers that the living emit an irresistible force, drawing him inside where he has the power to take over.

After surviving the great depression in the body of a young hobo, Samuel spends years studying the history of his condition, moving from body to body when necessary, and finally settling in New York City in the late 1950’s. Following a few years of relative serenity, his beautiful and brash girlfriend disappears, and his search for her uncovers answers to questions he never asked.


I have a confession to make. I love series. I adore good, well written series. And ever since I have read about A Warm Place to Call Home (A Demon’s Story), I could not wait to read it. Sadly for me I also read it was a series.
I had a premonition I would like this series. I mean a good demon story is hard to come by!! Don’t you think?

Anyway, when I won this book I just could not wait and I leapt to read it as fast as I could. I was not disappointed. Basically it is the origin story to A Warm Place to Call Home.

What I loved about the story is that it was not only well written, but also very well thought out. I could actually see the things happening as they were being told. But it only made me wonder is it really demonic? But that is not really an issue when you read this book. I think it’s part of the brilliance Michael Siemsen created.

The question is, what would you do, if you were faced with such a choice? First not knowing and then knowing? Is it survival or parasitic?


4 star

happy reading deb s 2


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