Review Policy

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Because we love to read, we are willing to consider reviewing books upon request.


  1. We will read pretty much any kind of genre, between the two of us, we read pretty much every book written (smile).
  2. We will review books according to our time constraints. We will let you know via email if there is a long waiting period.
  3. Our reviews will be honest, and if we have to give an unfavorable review, we will explain why, focusing on the strengths as well as any weaknesses we find.
  4. If an author is agreeable, any reviews will also be posted on and Goodreads.  We reserve the right to also post reviews on our blog.
  5. If we choose not to read and review a particular book, we will contact the author to explain our reasons.
  6. We accept books in epub, mobi and pdf. If you would like to send us a print version, please contact us via email.

You can always send us an email at with your request.

Rating System:

5 star = Awesome and left us breatheless

4 star = Enjoyable, a must read

3 star = We liked it

2 star = Would not read again

1 star=  Did not like it 

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