Book Tour: Is this all there is by Patricia Mann

is this all there is

Beth Thomas has the perfect life. At thirty-five, she’s married to her college sweetheart, has two adorable kids, and teaches part time at the local university. But when a friend persuades Beth to go dancing on a rare night out, a chance meeting with twenty one year old Dave, one of her former students, changes the course of her life. Loud music, too much to drink, and the thrill of feeling young again lead to an unforgettable kiss that was never supposed to happen. As she tries to put the memory behind her, Dave’s pursuit leaves Beth torn between what her mind says is right and what her heart and body crave.

Patricia Mann’s “Is This All There Is?” introduces readers to the seemingly perfect world of Beth Thomas, a 35-year-old mother and wife who takes a risqué detour from diapers and duty to chart a course into erotica, deception and deceit. As the part-time college professor yields to the overpowering push and pull that follow a magnetic encounter with a former student, Beth is held captive in the seductive space that lingers between desire and reason. Honest and moving, Mann’s work is a touching snapshot of middle-America today, a compelling story about one woman’s struggle to keep up appearances while coming undone.

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Well this book totally surprised me. I thought it would be a sugarsweet fairy tale about an all too real situation and WHAM! The author hit me in the face. No sugarcoating, just real and gritty. You know what the main character is doing is so wrong, but you still kind of understand. You might even be tempted to think that she could not help it, that she kind of deserves that what she is pursuing. I can tell you, the feelings of pain and conflict are jumping out of the page at you. And speaking of jumping, there is this one phone call that scared the bejeezus out of me. It was like I was getting a call! I was feeling guilty and I’m not even remotely in a situation like that. Well done Patricia Mann, well done! There were a few things I thought were not really needed, but they do not take away from the story.  If you like sugarfluff and happy happy from beginning to end. Do you like real? Get.This.Book

Rating: 4 star


Patricia Mann is a university professor. She lives in California with her husband, their two kids, and a sweet, silly old dog.

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